How to Set Up Google+ on Your Nexus 7 - dummies

How to Set Up Google+ on Your Nexus 7

Even though you already have a Google account, you still have to endure the pain of setting up and configuring Google+ on Nexus because you will need it to operate the tablet. The operation works like this:

  1. Start the Google+ app.

    You find it on the All Apps screen, though a shortcut dwells in the Google folder on the far right end of the Favorites bar.

  2. Choose your Google account from the list.

    You see your main Gmail account listed. Choose that one.

  3. Type your profile information.

    Some of it’s already filled in, such as your first and last names. If you signed up for Gmail as Harold and you want to be known on Google+ as Harry, you can make that change now.

    You can also choose your gender.

    There’s a check mark item for Google ad content. Do you want to be blasted by advertising based on your social networking habits? Think hard.

  4. Touch the Continue button.

    A list of potential Google+ friends appears, culled from your Gmail Contacts list. Touch the Add circle to make someone your Google+ friend.

  5. Touch the Next button until you see the Turn On Instant Upload screen.

    This item is one that may require caution: Do you want the Nexus 7 to automatically upload all your photos and videos to Google+? Because the Nexus 7 lacks a rear camera, it probably doesn’t matter. But still, consider selecting the Turn Off Instant Upload option to avoid having any of your self-mug–shots unintentionally appearing online.

  6. Touch the Done button.

    Setup is complete.

You next see the main Google+ screen, which (amazingly) shows lots of information, news items, and updates even when you’ve never used Google+.

Don’t worry if you want to change your mind on a few of the settings that are made during setup. You can review options by touching the Menu icon button while viewing the Stream. Choose the Settings command. The Instant Upload option can be turned on or off from the screen that appears.