How to Create a Contact from an E-mail Message on Your Nexus 7

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to build up the Contacts list on your Nexus is to create a new contact from an e-mail message. This simple process also allows you to overlap contacts for easy access onto your tablet. Follow these steps when you receive a message from someone not already on your Nexus 7 address list:

  1. Touch the Picture button by the contact’s name at the top of the message.

    The Picture button is shown in the margin. If the contact is already in the tablet’s address book and they have a picture, the picture shows up. Otherwise, you can use the Menu button in the lower-right corner of the picture icon to summon a menu.

  2. Touch the OK button.

    If the OK button doesn’t show up, the contact is already known to your Nexus 7. You may see a list of information for that contact instead of the prompt to add the contact to the People app.

You can also use this technique to add a new e-mail address for an existing contact. When you do, you’re creating a duplicate entry for that person in the People app.