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How Add Shortcut Widgets to Your Nexus 7

You can instantly slap down a shortcut to your favorite locations in the Settings app by creating a Settings widget on your Nexus 7. If the location is something you find yourself navigating to frequently, make it easier to access. Here’s how it works:

  1. Touch the All Apps button to summon the All Apps screen.

  2. Choose the Widgets category.

  3. Scroll the list until you find the Settings Shortcut widget.

  4. Long-press the Settings Shortcut widget, and place it on the Home screen.

  5. Choose an item from the list.

    The item represents a shortcut to a specific spot in the Settings app, something that you probably change often.

Touch the Settings Shortcut widget to quickly access its associated feature. For example, to quickly access the Bluetooth screen, create a Bluetooth shortcut widget.

  • Don’t worry about where the shortcut icon is placed. You can move shortcut icons just as you can move anything else on the Home screen.

  • If you can’t decide which Settings item to place on the Home screen, just put a shortcut to the Settings app itself.

The people you contact most often on your Nexus 7 are deserving of their own contact shortcuts on the Home screen. You just don’t realize how useful such a thing is until you have one.

To create a contact screen shortcut, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the All Apps button on the Home screen.

  2. Choose the Widgets category from the top of the screen.

  3. Scroll the Widget category until you find the contact widgets.

    The two contact widgets are different in size. One is three icon widths wide; the other is one. Both are one icon width tall.

  4. Long-press a contact widget, and drag it to the Home screen.

  5. Choose a contact from the tablet’s address book, someone to assign to that widget.

    The widget represents the contact, giving you handy access to their information from the Home screen.

When you touch the contact widget, you see a pop-up window. Choose an activity for that contact, such as sending an e-mail.