Q&A for the Nexus 7 Tablet - dummies

Q&A for the Nexus 7 Tablet

Ah, the standard Q&A! Here are some questions about some problems you may run across with your Nexus 7 tablet. The answers may help you to solve these problems.

“I can’t turn the tablet on (or off)!”

Yes, sometimes the Nexus 7 locks up. It’s frustrating, but if you press and hold the Power Lock key for about 8 seconds, the tablet turns either off or on, depending on which state it’s in.

If the 8-second power key trick doesn’t work, wait a few minutes or so, just letting the tablet sit there and do nothing. Then press and hold the Power Lock key for about 8 seconds, and the tablet should turn itself back on.

Lamentably, some tablets do die. It happens. If so, contact the folks at the place where you bought the Nexus 7. They may help fix it, or most likely they’ll give you a replacement.

“The touchscreen doesn’t work!”

A touchscreen, such as the one used on the Nexus 7, requires a human finger for proper interaction. The tablet interprets the static potential between the human finger and the device to determine where the touchscreen is being touched.

You cannot use the touchscreen when you’re wearing gloves unless they’re specially designed, static-carrying gloves that claim to work on touchscreens.

The touchscreen might also fail when the battery power is low or when the Nexus 7 has been physically damaged.

“The battery doesn’t charge!”

Start from the source: Is the wall socket providing power? Is the cord plugged in? The cable may be damaged, so try another cable.

When charging from a USB port on a computer, ensure that the computer is turned on. Most computers don’t provide USB power when they’re turned off.

“The tablet gets so hot that it turns itself off!”

Yikes! An overheating gadget can be a nasty problem. Judge how hot the Nexus 7 is by seeing whether you can hold it in your hand: When it’s too hot to hold, it’s too hot. If you’re using the Nexus 7 to cook an egg, it’s too hot.

Turn off the Nexus 7 and let the battery cool.

If the overheating problem continues, have the Nexus 7 looked at for potential repair. The battery might need to be replaced, and there’s no way to remove and replace the Nexus 7 battery by yourself.

Do not continue to use any gizmo that’s too hot! The heat damages the electronics. It can also start a fire.

“The tablet doesn’t do Landscape mode!”

Not every app takes advantage of the Nexus 7’s ability to orient itself in Landscape mode, or even upside-down mode. For example, many games set their orientations one way and refuse to change, no matter how you hold the tablet. So just because the app doesn’t go into Landscape mode doesn’t mean that anything is broken.

Confirm that the orientation lock isn’t on: Pull down the Quick Actions shade and ensure that the Auto Rotate item isn’t locked; otherwise, the screen doesn’t reorient itself.