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How to View Your Calendar on Your Nexus 7 Tablet

Throw away your datebook; you don’t need it. That’s because your Nexus 7tablet is the ideal datebook and appointment calendar. Thanks to the Calendar app and the Google Calendar service on the Internet, you can manage all your scheduling right on your Nexus 7. It’s almost cinchy.

  • Google Calendar works with your Google account to keep track of your schedule and appointments. You can visit Google Calendar on the web.

  • You automatically have Google Calendar; it comes with your Google account.

  • The Calendar app is a better way to access your schedule than using the Chrome app to reach Google Calendar on the web.

  • Before you throw away your datebook, copy into the Calendar app some future appointments and info, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

How to view your schedule on the Nexus 7 tablet

To see what’s happening next, to peruse upcoming important events, or simply to know which day of the month it is, summon the Calendar app. It’s located on the All Apps screen along with all the other apps that dwell on your Nexus 7. A shortcut can also be found in the Google folder affixed to the Home screen.

The Calendar app has three views: Month, Week, and Day. There’s also Agenda view, which displays only upcoming events. Each view is chosen from the View menu.


  • Use Month view to see an overview of what’s going on, and use Week view or Day view to see your appointments.

  • You can check Week view at the start of the week to remind yourself of what’s coming up.

  • To scroll from month to month, swipe the screen up or down. In Week view and Day view, scroll from left to right.

  • Touch the Today button to be instantly whisked back to the current day.

  • A black bar appears across the current day, indicating the current time.

  • Different colors flag your events. The colors represent a calendar category to which the events are assigned.

How to review appointments on the Nexus 7 tablet

To see more detail about an event, touch it. When you’re using Month view, touch the date with the event on it to see Week view. Then choose an event to see its details.


The details you see depend on how much information was recorded when the event was created. Some events have only a minimum of information; others may have details, such as a location for the event. When the event’s location is listed, you can touch the location, and the Maps app pops up to show you where the event is being held.

Touch the Back navigation icon to dismiss the event’s details.


  • Birthdays and a few other events on the calendar may be pulled from the People app or even from some social networking apps. That probably explains why some events can be listed twice; they’re pulled in from two sources.

  • The best way to review upcoming appointments is to choose the Agenda item from the View menu.

  • There’s also a Calendar widget that you can apply to the Home screen. As in Agenda view, the widget displays only a list of your upcoming appointments.

  • The Google Now feature on the Nexus 7 also lists any immediate appointments or events.