How to Use Your Nexus 7 Tablet while Abroad - dummies

How to Use Your Nexus 7 Tablet while Abroad

It’s entirely possible, even encouraged, to flee the country with the Nexus 7 tablet in tow. In fact, the tablet works better than a cell phone overseas because it does so much more. Truly, the Nexus 7 is an ideal travel companion, as long as you follow some helpful hints.

  • The tablet’s AC plug can easily plug into a foreign AC adapter, which allows you to charge the tablet in just about any country.

  • You don’t need a power converter to charge the tablet. Simply obtain a power adapter, one that lets you plug the charger into the weirdo foreign plug.

How to use Wi-Fi overseas on your Nexus 7 tablet

The Wi-Fi signal in outer Wamboolistan works just the same as the Wi-Fi signal at your local coffee shop. No matter where you are, if the Nexus 7 can access Wi-Fi, you’re on the Internet.

  • Most foreign hotels offer free Wi-Fi for their guests. Even when it’s available only in the lobby, it works.

  • Make phone calls on the Nexus 7 by getting some Skype Credit. You can then use the Internet to place phone calls to anyone back home. Skype’s International rates are quite reasonable.

How to disable data roaming on your Nexus 7 tablet

To avoid having your cellular Nexus 7 accessing an overseas mobile network, keep the tablet in Airplane mode. That way, there’s no chance of data roaming charges, and you can still enable Wi-Fi. Even so, and just to be sure, you can disable data roaming by obeying these steps:

  1. On the Home screen, touch the All Apps icon.

  2. Open the Settings app.

  3. Choose the More category beneath Wireless & Network.

  4. Choose Mobile Networks.

  5. Remove the check mark by Data Enabled.

The Mobile Networks command isn’t available on non-cellular tablets.

  • Contact your cellular provider to tell it where you’re traveling and to ask about overseas data roaming. A subscription service or other options may even be available, especially when you plan to stay overseas for an extended length of time.

  • You can determine whether the Nexus 7 is roaming by looking at the Status screen: Run the Settings app, choose About Tablet, and then choose Status. The Roaming item in the list describes whether or not the tablet is data roaming.