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How to Listen to Music on Your Nexus 7 Tablet

Your source of musical delight on the Nexus 7 is the app aptly named Play Music. You can find the app on the All Apps screen.

How to browse your Nexus 7 music library

After you start the Play Music app, you see a screen similar to this:


The music stored on your Nexus 7 is presented in the Play Music app by category. Each category appears atop the screen. Change categories by swiping the screen left or right.

The categories are merely ways the music is organized — ways to make the music easier to find when you may know an artist’s name but not an album title. The Genres category is for those times when you’re in a mood for a certain type of music but don’t know, or don’t mind, who recorded it.

  • Music is stored on the Nexus 7’s internal memory but is also available from your Google Play account on the Internet. Use the Library menu to choose which music to view; On Device shows only the music stored directly on the tablet.

  • To ensure that your music stays on the Nexus 7 and therefore can be played when an Internet connection isn’t available, touch the album’s menu and choose the command Keep On Device.

  • The size of the internal memory limits the total amount of music that can be stored on your tablet. Also, consider that storing pictures and videos horns in on some of the space that can be used to store music.

  • When the Nexus 7 can’t recognize an artist, it uses the title Unknown Artist. This labeling usually happens with music you copy manually to your tablet, but it can also apply to audio recordings you make yourself.

How to play a tune on your Nexus 7 tablet

To listen to music by locating a song in the Play Music app library, select the Genres, Artists, or Albums category; choose an item to open; then select a song to listen to. Touching the song title plays the song.


While the song plays, you’re free to do anything else on the Nexus 7. In fact, the song continues to play even when the tablet is locked or goes to sleep.

After the song is done playing, the next song in the list plays; touch the Song Queue button to see what’s upcoming. The list order depends on how you start the song. For example, if you start a song from Album view, all songs in that album play in the order listed.

The Repeat and Shuffle buttons are used to change song order.


To stop the song from playing, touch the Pause button.

A notification icon appears while music is playing on the Nexus 7, as shown in the margin.


To quickly summon the Play Music app and see which song is playing, or to pause the song, touch that notification, or pop up the notifications list, to see the name of the song that’s playing. You can use the controls in the notification to pause the song or to skip forward or backward.

  • The volume is set by using the Volume key on the side of the Nexus 7.

  • While browsing the Play Music app’s library, you see the currently playing song displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  • Most of the music on your Nexus 7 is Google music, originating from the Internet. It’s not available to play unless the tablet has a Wi-Fi connection.

  • To choose which songs play after each other, create a playlist.

  • After the last song in the list plays, the Play Music app stops playing songs — unless you have set the List Repeat option, in which case the list plays again.

  • You can use the Nexus 7’s search abilities to help locate tunes in your Music library. You can search by artist name, song title, or album. The key is to touch the Search icon button when you’re using the Play Music app.


    Type all or part of the text you’re searching for, and touch the Search button on the onscreen keyboard. Choose the song you want to hear from the list that’s displayed.