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How to Find Pictures on Your Nexus 7 Tablet

In the digital realm, pictures and videos you shoot are stored electronically. On the Nexus 7 tablet, they’re compressed and squeezed into a series of ones and zeroes that mean nothing unless you have an app that lets you view those images. That app is the Gallery.

How to visit the Nexus 7 Gallery

Start the Gallery app by choosing its icon from the All Apps screen. When the Gallery app opens, you see pictures organized into albums. The number and variety of albums depend on how you synchronize your tablet with your computer, which apps you use for collecting media, or which photo-sharing services you use on the Internet and have synchronized with the tablet.


Touch an album in the Gallery app to display that album’s contents; the pictures appear in a grid of thumbnail previews. Swipe the screen left and right to peruse them all.

Touch an individual thumbnail in the album to view that item by itself on the screen. Images appear full size on the screen. You can rotate the tablet horizontally (or vertically) to see the image in another orientation.

If any videos are stored in an album, they appear with a Play button on the screen. Touch that button to play the video. As the video is playing, touch the screen again to see the controls to pause.

You back up from an image or video to an album by touching the Back icon. Touch the Back icon again to return to the main Gallery screen.


  • The Camera album contains pictures you’ve shot by using the Nexus 7’s camera.

  • The Download album contains images downloaded from the Internet.

  • Albums labeled with the Picasa icon have been synchronized between Picasa web Albums on the Internet and your Nexus 7.

  • Other albums in the Gallery represent images synchronized between the Nexus 7 and your computer.

  • Various apps may also create their own albums in the Gallery app.

How to find your pictures on the Nexus 7 tablet

The Nexus 7 not only takes a picture but also keeps track of where you’re located on Planet Earth when you took that picture. The feature is called Geo-Tag.

To view an image’s location, summon the image in the Gallery app. Touch the Menu icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen) and choose Show on Map. The Maps app starts, displaying the spot where the image was taken.

Some people find the Geo-Tag feature to be a breach of privacy. If you do as well, you can disable it by heeding these directions:

  1. Start the Camera app.

  2. Ensure that you’re in Single Shot mode.

  3. Touch the Control icon.

  4. Choose Settings and then Location.

    The Location icon is shown in the margin.


To re-enable this feature, repeat these steps.

When the Geo-Tag feature is turned off, the Control icon changes in the Camera app. It features an overlay of the Location icon with a slash across it.


How to share photos from your Nexus 7 tablet

The key to getting images out of the tablet and into the world is to look for the Share icon, as shown in the margin.


Touch that icon while viewing an image and use the menu options to choose an app or method of sharing the image or video. Here are some of your choices:

Bluetooth: Send the picture or video to another device via the Bluetooth connection. That other device could be a printer, for example, in which case you can print the picture.

Keep: Save the image to the Keep organizer. (Keep is an idea scratchpad type of app.)

Picasa: The image is uploaded to the Internet, saved in your Picasa web Albums account. Picasa web Albums is one of those freebies you get with your Google account.

See All: Choose this item to see more options for sharing. The items that populate the menu depend on the apps installed on your Nexus 7. They include choices such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gmail, and so on.

For sharing videos, use the YouTube option, found by choosing See All from the menu. Fill in the information on the screen and touch the Upload button to publish your video.

One choice you don’t have to make for sharing your pictures is Google+. The Nexus 7 automatically backs up any photos you take to your Google+ account. To prove it, start the Google+ app and choose the Photos item from the sidebar. You see copies of your recent pictures, which have been saved on the Internet.

Don’t fret! The pictures aren’t public. And you can disable the automatic backup feature by following these steps in the Google+ app:

  1. Touch the Menu icon.

  2. Choose the Settings command.

  3. Choose Auto Backup.

  4. Touch the On button atop the screen.

    Touching the button changes its text to Off, meaning that the feature has been disabled.

Even with the Auto Backup feature disabled, you can still use the Share menu to save copies of your photos to your Google+ account.