How to Edit Pictures on Your Nexus 7 Tablet - dummies

How to Edit Pictures on Your Nexus 7 Tablet

The Gallery app on your Nexus 7 tablet is more than just a photo album. It also sports features that let you perform some minor image surgery.

How to crop an image on your Nexus 7 tablet

One of the few, true image-editing commands available in the Gallery app is Crop. You can use Crop tool to slice out portions of an image, such as when removing ex-spouses and convicts from a family portrait. To crop an image, obey these directions:

  1. Summon the image you want to crop.

  2. Touch the Menu icon.

  3. Choose Crop.

    If the Crop command is unavailable, you have to choose another image. (Not every album lets you modify images.)

  4. Work the crop-thing.

    You can drag the rectangle around to choose which part of the image to crop. Drag an edge of the rectangle to resize the left and right or top and bottom sides. Or, drag a corner of the rectangle to change the rectangle’s size proportionally.


  5. Touch the Save button when you’re done cropping.

    Or, if you change your mind, touch the Back icon.

    Only the portion of the image within the rectangle is saved; the rest is discarded.

You cannot undo a crop action after you’ve touched the Save button.

How to rotate pictures on your Nexus 7 tablet

Showing someone else an image on your Nexus 7 can be frustrating, especially when the image is a vertical picture that refuses to fill the screen when the tablet is in a vertical orientation. You can fix that issue by rotating the picture.

To rotate, view the image in the Gallery app. Touch the Menu icon and choose either the Rotate Left or Rotate Right command. Repeat a command if you need to reorient the image more than 90 degrees.

The Rotate commands affect the image instantly. To undo, simply rotate the image again, but in the opposite direction.

How to delete images from your Nexus 7 tablet

It’s entirely possible, and often desirable, to remove unwanted, embarrassing, or legally questionable images from the Gallery. The limitation is that you can remove only those images copied to or created by the Nexus 7. That includes all the images in the Camera album, the Download album, and any albums you’ve synchronized from your desktop computer.

To delete an image, view it in the Gallery app. Touch the Menu icon and choose the Delete command. Touch the OK button to confirm. Poof! It’s gone.

You can perform mass execution of images when viewing an album: Touch the Menu icon and choose the Select Item command. Touch images to select them and then touch the Trash icon on the screen to rid yourself of the lot. Touch the OK button to confirm.


You can’t undelete an image you’ve deleted. There’s no way to recover such an image by using available tools on the Nexus 7.