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How to Build App Folders on Your Nexus 7 Tablet

The Nexus 7 tablet has only five home screen panels, and the grid has only so much room for apps. Especially when you use large widgets, sometimes you just run out of space. Or maybe you have a collection of similar apps, such as games, that you want to organize on the Home screen. A solution you can try is to create an app folder.

An app folder is simply a collection of two or more apps, both in the same spot on the Home screen. A sample folder of Google apps comes preset on the center Nexus 7 Home screen panel.


To build a folder, simply drag one app icon over another. To drag an icon, long-press it and keep your finger down. Move that icon over another icon and release your finger. The two icons appear inside a black circle.

Open a folder by touching it. You can then touch an icon to start an app.

  • Folders are managed just like other icons on the Home screen. You can long-press them to drag them around. They can also be deleted.

  • Change a folder’s name by opening the folder and then long-pressing the name. Type the new name by using the onscreen keyboard.

  • Add more apps to the folder by dragging them over the folder’s icon.

  • To remove an icon from a folder, open the folder and drag the icon out.

  • When the second-to-last icon is dragged out of a folder, the folder is removed. The last icon in the folder then becomes a solitary icon, just like other icons on the Home screen.

  • With five Home screen panels and 36 potential icon spots on each panel, there are a total of 180 app icon shortcuts on the Home screen. Add six more on the Favorites tray and you get 186. That’s not counting any folders or any space occupied by widgets.