How to Add People to the Nexus 7 Tablet People App - dummies

How to Add People to the Nexus 7 Tablet People App

Having friends is great. Having more friends is better. Keeping all those friends is best. In the Nexus 7 tablet People app, myriad ways are available to add more friends or create new contacts.

How to build a new contact from scratch

Sometimes, it’s necessary to create a contact when you actually meet another human being in the real world or when you finally get around to transferring information into the Nexus 7 from your old, paper address book. In either instance, you have information to input, and it starts like this:

  1. Open the People app.

  2. Touch the Add Contact icon.


    If you don’t see the icon, ensure that All Contacts is chosen from the Contact Groups menu.

  3. If prompted, choose your Google account from the menu.

    You should new contacts by using Google because it synchronizes the information with the Internet and any other Android gizmos you may own.

  4. Fill in the information on the New Contact screen as best you can.

    Fill in the text fields with the information you know. Touching a field pops up the onscreen keyboard.


    Use the More icon (shown in the margin) to choose options for various items. For example, you can touch the Menu icon by the Phone item to select whether the number is a mobile, work, or home number, for example.


    To add a second phone number or an e-mail address or a physical address — or any other item — touch the Add New text that appears.

    To remove an additional item, touch the X button that appears next to the item.

  5. Touch the Done button to complete your editing and add the new contact.

    Or to cancel the creation of a new contact, touch the Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Choose the Discard command.


New contacts are automatically synced with your Google account. That’s one beauty of the Android operating system, used by the Nexus 7: You have no need to duplicate your efforts. Contacts you create on the tablet are instantly updated with your Google account on the Internet.

How to create a contact from an e-mail message

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to build up the Contacts list is to create a new contact from an e-mail message. Follow these steps when you receive a message from someone not already on your Nexus 7 address list:

  1. Touch the Picture icon by the contact’s name at the top of the message.

    The Picture icon is shown in the margin. If the contact is already in the tablet’s address book and has a picture, the picture shows up. Otherwise, you can use the More icon in the lower-right corner of the picture icon to summon a menu.


  2. Touch the OK button.

    If the OK button doesn’t show up, the contact is already known to your Nexus 7. You may see a list of information for that contact rather than the prompt to add the contact to the People app.

You can also use this technique to add a new e-mail address for an existing contact. When you do, you’re creating a duplicate entry for that person in the People app.

How to import contacts from a computer

Your computer’s e-mail program is doubtless a useful repository of contacts you’ve built up over the years. You can export these contacts from that e-mail program and then import them into the Nexus 7. It’s not simple, but it’s possible.

The key is to save or export your computer e-mail program’s records in the vCard (.vcf) file format. These records can then be imported by the Nexus 7 into the People app. The method for exporting contacts varies depending on the e-mail program:

  • In Windows Live Mail: Choose Go→Contacts and then choose File→Export→Business Card (.VCF) to export the contacts.

  • In Windows Mail: Choose File→Export→Windows Contacts and then choose vCards (Folder of .VCF Files) from the Export Windows Contacts dialog box. Click the Export button.

  • On the Mac: Open the Address Book program and choose File→Export→Export vCard.

After the vCard files are created on your computer, connect the Nexus 7 to the computer and transfer them.

After the vCard files have been copied to the Nexus 7, follow these steps in the People app to complete the process:

  1. Touch the Menu icon.

  2. Choose the Import/Export command.

  3. Choose Import from Storage.

  4. Select your Google account.

  5. Choose the option Import All vCard Files.

  6. Touch the OK button.

    The contacts are saved on your tablet but are also synchronized to your Gmail account, which instantly creates a backup copy.

The importing process may create duplicates. That’s okay: You can join two entries for the same person in the tablet’s address book.

How to beam contacts to your Nexus 7 tablet

A quick, handy, and extremely high-tech way to send a contact from one device to another is to use the Android Beam feature.

To make it happen, both devices must be capable of Near Field Communications, or NFC, and they must sport the Android Beam feature. You already have such a device, the Nexus 7, so your job is to find someone else with a Nexus 7 or an Android Beam–capable gizmo.

To share the contact, open the People app and display the contact’s information. Place the back of your tablet (where the NFC field is located) against the other Android Beam device. When the text Touch to Beam appears on the screen, tap the screen. The contact information is sent to the other device.