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Basics of Chrome Controls and Settings on the Nexus 7 Tablet

You could spend all day wandering dreary screens that feature the Chrome app’s settings and options for the Nexus 7 tablet. That day can be a special one for you, when you have absolutely nothing else to do. Until then, a couple of settings are worthy of your attention.

How to change the way the web looks on the Nexus 7 tablet

You can do a few things to improve the way the web looks on your Nexus 7. First and foremost, don’t forget that you can orient the device horizontally or vertically, which rearranges the way a web page is displayed.

From the Settings screen, you can also adjust the zoom setting that’s used to display a web page. Heed these steps when using the Chrome app:

  1. Touch the Menu icon.

  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose Accessibility.

  4. Adjust the Text Scaling bar to enlarge or reduce the text size.

    The scaling bar features a number. A value of 100 percent is normal size (whatever normal is). Higher values make the text larger; smaller values make the text smaller.

  5. Press the Back icon when you finish setting the Text Scaling value.

The Preview box, located above the Text Scaling bar, lets you form an idea of how large the text appears on the Nexus 7 screen.

How to set privacy and security options on the Nexus 7 tablet browser

As far as the Nexus 7’s browser settings go, most of the security options are already enabled for you, including the blocking of pop-up windows (which normally spew ads).

If information retained on the tablet concerns you, you can clear it:

  1. Touch the Menu icon and choose the Settings command.

  2. Choose Privacy.

  3. Touch the Clear Browsing Data button.

    The button is found in the upper-right part of the screen.

  4. Place check marks by the items you want cleared.

  5. Touch the Clear button.

    That information has been wiped from your Nexus 7.

On the main Settings screen, you can choose the Autofill Forms item and touch the button in the upper-right corner of the screen to turn off that item. Ditto for the Save Passwords setting: Turn it off. You add security by not saving sensitive information about the websites you visit.

As you use the Nexus 7, you may see various warnings regarding location data. What they mean is that the tablet can take advantage of your location on Planet Earth (using the GPS or satellite position system) to help locate businesses and people near you.

There’s no obvious security problem in leaving the feature on, though you can disable location services from the Chrome app’s Settings screen, on the Content Settings page: Choose Google Location Settings and touch the button to turn off that item.