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Access Files Everywhere with Google Drive on Your Nexus 7

A great way to synchronize files between your Nexus tablet and a computer is to use your Google Drive. And just what’s a Google Drive?

Google Drive is yet another one of those free services that comes with your Google account. You can access this online storage from anywhere: Files saved on the Google Drive are available to all devices — computers, tablets, phones — that have the Google Drive software installed. They can also be shared directly over the Internet.

The Google Drive app comes preinstalled on your Nexus 7: Open the Drive app from the All Apps screen. If prompted, accept the terms of service. Eventually you’ll see a screen listing the files and folders on your Google drive. Touch an icon to open a folder or view a file.

To save information to the Google Drive, use the Share icon found in various apps on the Nexus 7. For example, view a picture from the Gallery full-screen, touch the Share icon, and choose the Drive icon. Fill in the Upload to Drive information and then touch the OK button to place that image on your Google Drive.

Files saved to the Google Drive can also be accessed from a computer. The best way to do that is to install the Google Drive software.

You can also use that web page to access your Google Drive from any device connected to the Internet.

When the Google Drive software is installed on a computer, your Google Drive appears as a folder in the computer’s file system. Any files added to the folder are available right away to other devices. So to share a file between your computer and the Nexus 7, just copy it to the Google Drive folder on your PC. In moments that same file is available to the tablet.