Kindle Fire My Account Option - dummies

Kindle Fire My Account Option

Kindle Fire does much of what it does by accessing your Amazon account. You need to have an Amazon account to shop, access the Amazon Cloud library online, and register your Kindle Fire, for example.

The My Account option in Settings provides information about the account to which the device is registered. To remove this account from your Kindle Fire, you can tap the Deregister button.

Because the obvious thing to do next is to register your Kindle Fire to another account (because so much depends on your having an associated account), you then are presented with a Register button. Tap Register and fill in your Amazon username and password to register the device.

If you de-register your account, don’t register your Kindle Fire, and leave this screen, you’re placed in the introductory demo that appeared when you first set up your Kindle Fire. When you finish that demo and tap any category, such as Books, you’re again prompted to register your device to your Amazon account.