The iBooks App for iPad - dummies

The iBooks App for iPad

You should download the iBooks app for your iPad first, if you haven’t already. With iBooks downloaded, you can shop using iBooks by tapping the iBooks app icon to open it. (Note that it’s probably on a secondary Home screen, so you may have to display another Home screen to locate it.)

If you become addicted to iBooks, consider placing it on the iPad Dock for quick access from any Home screen. To do this, press and hold the app ’til all apps jiggle, and then tap and drag the iBooks icon to the Dock. Tap the Home button, and the jiggling stops.

The iBooks Library opens. (See this figure.) At this point, you see a bookshelf with no books on it. (If you don’t see the bookshelf, tap the Library button to go there or, if no Library button is displayed on the screen, tap the Bookshelf button in the top-right corner of the screen — it sports four small squares.)

Note that any PDF documents you download don’t appear on this bookshelf; you have to tap the PDF Collection to view them (more about Collections later).

Your virtual iBooks bookshelf.
Your virtual iBooks bookshelf.

In the iBooks Store, shown here, featured titles are shown by default.

Use various links and tools to find the content you want.
Use various links and tools to find the content you want.

Try any of the following methods to find a book:

  • Tap the Search Store field at the top of the screen and type a search word or phrase using the onscreen keyboard.

  • Tap the More button along the top of the screen and scroll down to browse Categories with links to popular categories of book, as shown in the figure.

  • Tap See All to view all titles in a category.

  • Tap the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen to view categories: Featured Books; The New York Times bestsellers list; books listed on Top Charts; and Top Authors.

    Scroll to the bottom of many screens to access Quick Links, which include shortcuts to Best of the Month, Free Books, and Award Winners.

  • Tap a suggested selection or featured book to display more information about it.


To avoid buyer’s remorse, you can download free samples before you buy. You get to read several pages of the book to see whether it appeals to you, and it doesn’t cost you a dime! Look for the Get Sample button when you view details about a book to get your free preview.