Scrabble App for the iPad - dummies

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

Some people appreciate a good game of SCRABBLE on the iPad, whereas others prefer the virtual knock-off Words with Friends HD. People who work with words for a living often have a (slight) disagreement about favorite apps for playing such games on the iPad.

Playing the iPad version of SCRABBLE (from Electronic Arts and Hasbro) is the closest thing yet to replicating the experience of the famous crossword board game on an electronic device. For starters, check out the gorgeous high-definition graphics. The sounds of tiles placed on the virtual board are realistic, too.

In fact, you can build a decent case that SCRABBLE on the iPad even beats the original board game. Consider the following:

  • You can play up to 25 multiplayer games at a time. Challenge wordsmiths on Facebook or play over the same home network against someone with another iPad, an iPod touch, or an iPhone. Or, play against the computer and choose your level of difficulty (easy, normal, hard).

  • Through Party Play mode, you can manage your private tile rack on your iPhone or iPod touch and seamlessly place tiles onto the iPad SCRABBLE game board. It works with up to four devices. You have to download the Tile Rack app from the App Store, but it’s free.

  • You can play iTunes music in the background for inspiration.

  • A SCRABBLE Teacher feature lets you see the best available word choice from your previous moves.

  • Personal stats are kept on the iPad. You don’t need to keep score. And you can play within Game Center.

  • You won’t lose any letter tiles or have to fret that your small child or pet will swallow any.