iWork for Mac: Formatting with the Keyboard - dummies

iWork for Mac: Formatting with the Keyboard

By Jesse Feiler

Part of iWork For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using iWork for Mac, you can apply formatting using the keyboard. These formatting commands are available in the Format menu. Using the commands listed in the following tables, you can change the formatting of selected text or, if no text is selected, the text you type next. Commands may not be available for objects that don’t support text.

Formatting Fonts (in the Format→Font Submenus)
Show/hide Fonts panel Command-T
Bold (on/off) Command-B
Italic (on/off) Command-I
Underline (on/off) Command-U
Bigger font size Command-+
Smaller font size Command- –
Superscript Control-Command→Shift-+
Subscript Control-Command→Shift- –
Formatting Paragraphs (in the Format→Text Subcommands)
Align left Command- {
Align center Command- |
Align right Command- }
Align justify Option-“-Command -|
(| is above the character)