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Cheat Sheet

iWork For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From IWork For Dummies, 2nd Edition

By Jesse Feiler

In iWork, the basic commands for page layout, charts and tables, and graphic objects are the same for all six iWork applications — Pages, Keynote, and Presentations on Mac and iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Tools such as page layouts, charts and tables, and slide presentations can show up in any iWork application.

iWork for iOS: Basic iWork Gestures

When you use iWork for iOS, you don’t have a menu bar, but you do have a touch screen with basic multitouch commands – gestures as they’re called. Most of these iWork gestures apply to other iOS apps as well as the iWork apps.

Select an object and show selection buttons Tap
Select multiple objects (charts, tables, graphics) Tap and hold the first object. While still holding the first
object, tap any others you want to add to the selection.
Constrain drag to horizontal, vertical of 45 degrees Tap the object to select it and start to move it. While still
holding your finger on it, tap anywhere else on the screen and the
movement will be constrained to horizontal, vertical or
Rotate an object Using two fingers, tap and rotate the object.
Move insertion point in a Pages document. Tap and hold in the text to place the insertion point. Swipe
right or left with one finger to move one character right or left.
Swipe with two fingers to move to beginning or end of the word.
Swipe with three fingers to move to beginning or end of the
Select a paragraph in Pages Two-finger tap

iWork for Mac: Toggling Interface Elements with the Keyboard

iWork for Mac lets you switch between interface elements using the keyboard. These commands and more are in the View menu for iWork applications, as well as in the drop-down menu available by clicking View on the toolbar.

Show/hide rulers Command-R
Show/hide format bar Command-Shift-R
Show/hide Inspector Command-Option-R
Show/hide colors Shift-Command-C
Show/hide toolbar Command-Option-T

iWork for Mac: Formatting with the Keyboard

Using iWork for Mac, you can apply formatting using the keyboard. These formatting commands are available in the Format menu. Using the commands listed in the following tables, you can change the formatting of selected text or, if no text is selected, the text you type next. Commands may not be available for objects that don’t support text.

Formatting Fonts (in the Format→Font Submenus)
Show/hide Fonts panel Command-T
Bold (on/off) Command-B
Italic (on/off) Command-I
Underline (on/off) Command-U
Bigger font size Command-+
Smaller font size Command- –
Superscript Control-Command→Shift-+
Subscript Control-Command→Shift- –
Formatting Paragraphs (in the Format→Text Subcommands)
Align left Command- {
Align center Command- |
Align right Command- }
Align justify Option-“-Command -|
(| is above the character)