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How to Make Phone Calls on the iPad mini

Many people, have compared the iPad to an iPhone on steroids. Only the iPad mini isn’t actually a phone. You may actually have seen mobile phones with screens almost as big as the iPad mini, so don’t let that stop you from making or even receiving phone calls on yours.

Come again?

You read right. You can make and even receive phone calls on your iPad mini. After all, two of the key components to calling are built into the iPad: a speaker and microphone.

Now all you have to do is head to the App Store to fetch a third component, an app that takes advantage of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. In plain-speak, that means turning the iPad mini into a giant iPhone. And yes, you can find more than one app to do the trick.

We’ve checked out Skype, Line2, and Truphone, all of which have a version specifically designed to take advantage of the large iPad screen. The apps themselves are free, although you have to pay for calls to regular phones. Here are the details:

  • Line2: Line2 costs $9.95 a month. It can receive calls through Wi-Fi or a cellular data network (if you have an iPad with 3G or 4G). It boasts such features as visual voice mail (like the iPhone) and conference calling. And it taps right into your iPad contacts list.

  • Skype: Skype’s app permits free Skype-to-Skype calls, instant messages, and video chats; calls to regular phones around the world cost pennies per minute.

  • Truphone: This app permits free Wi-Fi calls to Truphone and Google Talk users. Other rates are cheap.