How to Find More Book Information in Apple's iBookstore - dummies

How to Find More Book Information in Apple’s iBookstore

By Edward C. Baig, Bob LeVitus

To find out more about a book that you come across in the iBookstore, you can check out the detail page and other readers’ reviews, or read a sample of the book. Follow these steps to navigate the detail page:

  1. Tap its cover.

    An information screen appears. You can see when the book was published, read a description, and more.

  2. Tap Author Page to see other books by that writer or tap Alert Me to add the author to your custom alerts, perhaps to be notified when he writes a new book.

  3. (Optional) Tap Tell a Friend and the iPad fires up your e-mail app, with the book title filled in as the subject line.

    A picture of the book cover, its category and rating, and a View Item link are embedded in the body of the message.

  4. Check out the sections for Customers Also Bought, Customer Ratings, and Customer Reviews. Flick or drag to scroll down the overlay and see all the reviews.

    You can throw in your own two cents if you’ve already read it by tapping Write a Review.

Of course, the best thing you can do to determine whether a book is worth buying is to read a sample. Tap Get Sample, and the book cover almost immediately lands on your bookshelf. You can read it like any book, up until that juncture in the book where your free sample ends.

Apple has placed a Buy button inside the pages of the book to make it easy to purchase it if you’re hooked. The word Sample also appears on the cover, to remind you that this book isn’t quite yours — yet.