For Seniors: Make a FaceTime Call with iPad 2 - dummies

For Seniors: Make a FaceTime Call with iPad 2

Using FaceTime, you can make a video call on your iPad 2. During the FaceTime session, you’ll be able to see and hear the person you call. You can chat with anyone who also has FaceTime — iPhone 4, iPad 2, and compatible Mac users (iOS 4.3 or later).

At this time, you can use FaceTime only over a Wi-Fi network, not over 3G, which limits the places from which you can make or receive video calls to your home wireless network or a public hotspot.

1Tap the FaceTime app icon on the Home screen, and tap the Contacts button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

A list of your contacts appears. You can also go to Contacts and make a FaceTime call from there if you like; just follow these next steps.

2Tap a contact in the list.

The contact’s information is displayed.

To view recent calls, tap the Recents button. Tap a recent call in the listing that appears, and iPad displays that person’s information. You can tap the FaceTime icon to call the person back.

3Tap on the FaceTime button (it looks like a little video camera) next to the contact’s stored phone number or e-mail address.

Be sure to choose the appropriate method for placing a FaceTime call: if you’re calling an iPhone 4 user, you should use a phone number; if you’re calling an iPad 2, iPod touch, or FaceTime for Mac user, you need to make the call using that person’s e-mail address.

After tapping the contact’s phone number or e-mail address, your FaceTime call is placed.

When you call somebody using an e-mail address, the person must be signed in to their Apple ID account and have verified that the address can be used for FaceTime calls. iPad 2 and iPod touch (fourth-generation) users can make this setting by tapping Settings and then FaceTime; FaceTime for Mac users make this setting by clicking FaceTime→Preferences.

4When the person accepts the call, you see a large screen that displays the recipient’s image alongside a small screen containing your image.

Talk away! When it’s time to end the call, click the End button.