How to Change Views in iPad's Google Maps - dummies

How to Change Views in iPad’s Google Maps

Google Maps is included with iPad 2. The Maps application offers four views: Classic, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain. Change from view to view in Maps as often as you like. By the way, iPad displays the Classic view by default the first time you open Maps.

1To change views, with Maps open, swipe the bottom right corner of the screen to turn the “page”.

The Maps menu appears.

2Tap the Satellite option.

The Satellite view (shown here on the top-right in the enlarged view) appears.

3Swipe to reveal the menu again and then tap Hybrid.

Hybrid view is actually Satellite view with street names superimposed (shown here on the bottom left in the enlarged view).

4Swipe to reveal the menu one more time and tap Terrain.

A topographical version of the map is displayed (shown here on the bottom-right in the enlarged view), showing hills, mountains, and valleys. This view is helpful if you want to walk around San Francisco, for example, and avoid those steep streets!

On the Maps menu, there’s also a Traffic overlay feature. If you live in a more urban area (this feature doesn’t really work in small towns), the traffic overlay shows different colors on roads, indicating accidents or road closures. Green tells you you’re good to go, yellow indicates slowdowns, and red means avoid at all costs. Turn on this feature by tapping the On/Off button.