Customizing Browser Settings with Your iPad and Safari - dummies

Customizing Browser Settings with Your iPad and Safari

By Nancy C. Muir

Part of iPad All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Getting on the Internet with your iPad is easy using its Wi-Fi or 3G/4G capabilities. After you’re online, the built-in browser, Safari, is your ticket to a wide world of information, entertainment, education, and more.

You can customize and enhance your Safari experience by accessing and modifying the settings in the following table; simply tap the Settings app icon on the Home screen and then tap Safari. Some of the security settings, such as Fraud Warning and JavaScript, are a bit advanced for beginning users, so you might just want to leave the default settings as they are.

Setting Description
Search Engine Choose among Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines.
Passwords & AutoFill Turn on AutoFill to automatically complete contact information,
names, or passwords as you type.
Search Engine Suggestions Turn this on to get suggestions as you enter a search term in
Spotlight Suggestions Turn this setting on to get suggested web content as you enter
a search term in the iPad Spotlight Search feature.
Quick Website Search With this feature turned on, when you enter the current website
name as part of your search term, Safari searches within the
Preload Top Hit With this feature turned on, Safari preloads the most popular
choices by people browsing; if you select one of these, it loads
Favorites Quickly access Favorite bookmarks when you enter an address,
search, or create a new tab.
Open New Tabs in Background Specify that tabs you open appear behind the current tab.
Show Favorites Bar Turn on the display of the Favorites tab in the Bookmarks menu.
Favorites bookmarks when you’re searching, or creating a tab or
entering a URL address.
Show Tab Bar Turn this off to hide the Tab bar that displays tabs for each
open site.
Block Pop-ups Turn this feature on to block any pop-up windows from being
displayed while browsing.
Do Not Track Automatically removes items from the download list, stops
Safari from letting AutoFill save information used to complete your
entries in the search or address fields as you type, and doesn’t
save browsing history information.
Block Cookies Specify whether to accept cookies only from sites you’ve
visited, or to never or always block them.
Smart Search Field Turn on features to enable search engine suggested sites or to
let Safari preload top hit sites.
Fraudulent Website Warning Alerts you when you’re visiting what could be a fraudulent
Clear History Tap to clear the history of sites you’ve visited online in the
Clear Cookies and Data Clear any cookies that have been created on your iPad.
Advanced Displays stored data from websites you’ve visited and allows
you to activate a Debug Console, useful to advanced users.