For Seniors: Work with Windows 8.1 Tiles

Windows 8.1 laptops uses what are referred to as tiles. You can rearrange these tiles as necessary, group them as an organizational tool, or resize them to fit your needs.

Rearrange Tiles

If you pin your favorite app to the Start screen and always have to scroll to find it, you might want to move it nearer to the left side of the Start screen. Conversely, if there’s an app you only use occasionally, you might want to shift it to the right.

  1. To move a tile on the Start screen, right-click the Start screen and then click Customize in the toolbar that appears.

  2. Click on a tile and drag it to another location on the screen.

  3. When the tile is at the location you want, release the mouse.


Name Tile Groups

If you like, you can name groups of tiles to help you find the tiles you need more easily.

  1. Right-click the Start screen and then click Customize in the toolbar that appears.

  2. Click on any bar labeled Name Group.

  3. Type a name for the group and then click anywhere outside the name bar to save the name. You can also click in a bar to which you’ve assigned a name and type a new one to change it.

  4. Press Escape on your keyboard to return to the Start screen.


Resize Tiles

Most tiles allow you to display them in a larger or smaller size; some even offer small, medium, wide, and large settings. This can be especially handy with laptops that have smaller screens when you want to fit more on the Start screen.

  1. To show you how this works, right-click the Weather tile.

  2. In the settings that appear along the bottom of the screen, click Resize, and then click Small from the list that appears.

    If you had clicked on a smaller tile whose size can be customized, you would click the Larger setting to change it.


If there are tiles on your Start screen that you seldom use, you can remove them. Right-click a tile and then click the Unpin from Start button from the tools that appear.

You can also right-click the Start screen and then click the Customize button. Click any tile and commands appear that you can use to make changes to any number of tiles. To exit the Customize screen so that clicking on tiles opens individual apps, press the Escape button on your keyboard.