For Seniors: Understand Differences between the Two Versions of Internet Explorer

With Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced two new versions of Internet Explorer 11: the first you access through the Start screen and the other you access through the Desktop. One version will be more comfortable for users who are familiar with the old version of Internet Explorer. The other is intended to tone down the distractions. Here’s how they differ:

  • Start screen IE: This version was designed along the lines of Windows 8/8.1: a less-cluttered screen; no drop-down menus and dialog boxes for making settings, just a few simple buttons and an address field along the bottom of the screen; tabs you can display showing thumbnails of recently visited sites; and Internet Options you can manage from the Settings charm.

    You may have to right-click the screen to display the address field and tabs.


  • Desktop IE: More familiar to users of previous versions of IE, Desktop IE 11 offers an address field across the top of the screen, toolbars with drop-down menus such as File and Favorites, as well as tools for going to your home page and changing safety and other settings that you may need to access.