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For Seniors: Shut Down Your Laptop with Windows 8.1

You may have heard people tell you that you should always shut down your computer if you aren’t using it. Well with Windows 8.1, you don’t have to worry about undergoing a long process.

  1. To turn off your laptop completely, you need to initiate a shutdown sequence in your operating system instead of simply turning off the power. Press Win+I to open the Settings panel.

    With a Windows 8.1 laptop, you can simply close the lid to put the computer to sleep, saving power and returning you to where you left off when you open the lid and sign in again.

  2. Click the Power button.

    If you prefer to stop your computer running but not turn the power off, click Sleep (or simply close the lid of your laptop). If you want to reboot (turn off and turn back on) your computer, choose Update and Restart. To shut the power off, click Shut Down.


If your laptop freezes up for some reason, you can turn it off in a couple of ways. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice in a row, or press the power button on your CPU and hold it until the computer shuts down.

Don’t simply turn off your laptop at the power source by pressing the power button. Some processes could be running and Windows might not start up properly the next time you turn it on if you don’t follow the proper shutdown procedure by pressing Win+I, clicking the Power button, and choosing Shut Down from the menu that appears.