For Seniors: Share Videos and Photos Online - dummies

By Nancy C. Muir

The ability to share photos and videos online is a wonderful way to connect to others. Upload videos or photos to an online sharing site, then share them with your friends and family via e-mail or through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or personal blogs.

There are many video and photo sharing sites online. Most offer some kind of free service plus a more premium service for a fee. Typically, you get to control who can view your photos and whether or not they can comment on them. Popular video and/or photo sharing services include as YouTube, PhotoBucket, DropShots, Flickr, Kodak Gallery, and SmugMug. In addition, you can share images on your social networking page.

Do be cautious about what images or videos you share if your page isn’t totally private. It’s easy to copy images or download videos from the web and distribute them widely, so if you wouldn’t want anybody in your life to see a particular image or video with you in it, don’t post it.

Photo sharing sites often offer related photo services, such as printing photos and using them to create unique gifts such as photo mugs, cell phone skins, photo books, calendars, cards, and more.