For Seniors: Share Files on the Internet Using SkyDrive - dummies

For Seniors: Share Files on the Internet Using SkyDrive

SkyDrive allows you to upload and share files with others. With Windows 8.1, you can share larger files such as videos and photos via SkyDrive as you’re working with the Mail app. Sharing files online can be easier than sending them as attachments because e-mail programs typically limit how much data you can send at one time. You can share items from within apps such as Camera.

  1. Click the Camera tile on the Start screen.

  2. Click the camera button to take a picture.

  3. Return to Start screen, click the SkyDrive tile, and click to display a photo.

  4. Press Win+C, and then click Share. You can choose a sharing options on the right such as posting to Facebook or sending via Mail (options may vary depending on other settings in Windows.


  5. Click Send E-mail.

  6. Enter the e-mail address for the person you’re sharing with.

  7. Enter a message if you like, use the check boxes below the message to set whether the recipient can edit the content and whether those accessing content have to sign in, and then click Share.

  8. Now when your recipient opens his e-mail account, he can click the link to view the item on SkyDrive.

After you’ve shared something using SkyDrive, you can view the contents of SkyDrive by clicking the SkyDrive tile on the Start screen.