How to Set the Date and Time in Windows 7 - dummies

How to Set the Date and Time in Windows 7

By Nancy C. Muir

Windows 7 normally keeps good track of the current date and time, but often with a new computer, you have to change the Windows time zone to match your location so it can maintain time accurately.

  1. To get started, press the Windows key on your keyboard.

    The Windows key is the one with the Windows logo on it. The taskbar appears, if it isn’t already visible. The taskbar is the blue area at the very bottom of your screen.

  2. Right-click the Date/Time display on the far right end of the taskbar, and click Adjust Date/Time from the shortcut menu that appears.

    The Date and Time dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Change Date and Time button.


    The Date and Time Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Click in the Time field and enter a new time, or click the up and down arrows next to that field to change the time.

    If you wish, click a new date in the calendar to set the date.

  5. When you’re finished with adjusting the date and time settings, click OK.

    You’re returned to the Date and Time dialog box.

  6. To change the time zone, click the Change Time Zone button, choose an option from the Time Zone drop-down list, and click OK.

    When you click the Change Time Zone button, the Time Zone Settings dialog box appears. By selecting a time zone appropriate to your location, Windows can make automatic adjustments for Daylight Savings Time as needed.

    If you don’t want your computer to adjust for Daylight Saving Time, click the Automatically Adjust Clock for Daylight Saving Time check box in the Time Zone Settings dialog box to turn this feature off.

  7. Click OK.

    The new settings are applied, and the dialog box closes.

The date and time appears on the Windows taskbar, but you can also display it on the desktop as a gadget. Another option for displaying the time or date is to use something called a gadget. For example, you might add a large clock or a monthly calendar.