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How To Search Windows 8.1 Help

The Help and Support window on your Windows 8.1 laptop provides access to a variety of topics. This is the best place to try first if you encounter a problem with your laptop.

1Begin to type help from the Start screen and then click Help and Support in the results to display it.

The Help and Support window will appear.

2Click in the Search field, enter a search term, and click the Search button

The Search button is the button with a drawing that looks like a magnifying glass.

3In the resulting screen, click an article to narrow your search or open an article, depending on the topic.

The article will appear.

4Click the Close button to close the Windows Help and Support window.

If your search contains one, click a Troubleshoot item to get a step-by-step walkthrough of possible solutions to common problems. Some troubleshooting topics will even run a check on your laptop to attempt to find a solution specific to your computer. In addition, you may encounter some video links that take you to step-by-step video instruction.

If you don’t find what you need with Search, consider clicking the Browse Help link in the Windows Help and Support window to display a list of major topics. Those topics may also give you some ideas for good search terms to continue your search.