How To Search a Web Page Using Internet Explorer - dummies

How To Search a Web Page Using Internet Explorer

By Nancy C. Muir

Sometimes it helps to be able to search a web page for specific information; luckily, Internet Explorer lets you search a web page easily. For example, you might search a web page to find out if it really contains the information you’re looking for, which is handy if your Internet search produced a lot of results.

1With Internet Explorer open and the web page that you want to search displayed, click the Edit menu and choose Find on This Page.

The Find toolbar appears.

2Enter the word that you want to search for.

As you type, all instances of the word on the page are highlighted.

To narrow the results, click the Options button. Select Match Whole Word Only to find only matches to the whole word. For example, use this option if you enter elect and do not want to find other words like electron or electronics. Select Match Case to match the case, such as the uppercase Catholic and not the lowercase adjective catholic.

3Click the Next button and you move from one highlighted instance of the word to the next.

If you want to move to a previous instance, click the Previous button. When you’re done searching, click the Close button on the left side of the Find toolbar to hide it again. You can continue to display the Find toolbar if you like.

Many websites have a Search This Site feature that allows you to search not only the displayed web page but all web pages on a website, or search by department or category of item in an online store. Look for a Search text box and make sure that it searches the site — and not the entire Internet.