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For Seniors: Schedule Events Using the Internet

You know what an annoyance it can be to schedule a meeting or party? You can use the internet to avoid the hassle of scheduling events. One person can make it, but another can’t. You leave phone messages for two other people who you don’t hear back from. Then you reschedule the event only to find that two people you never heard back from are out of town that day.

Today you can use online event planning sites such as Evite or Doodle to plan events by sending out electronic invitations that offer recipients a range of dates and times. The invitees let you know when they can come, and the service helps you to easily identify the best time and date for your event.


Most of these services are free, and you can use handy views such as calendars and tables to help you organize your various events.

Many of these services also offer management tools, as well. You can see who has replied, if they will be bringing people with them, and how many have declined. Some also have comment sections where people can respond in writing, letting you know what dish they will bring to a barbecue or why they can’t make it to your event.