For Seniors: Resize Windows - dummies

For Seniors: Resize Windows

When you open a Desktop application window, it can be maximized to fill the whole screen, restored down to a smaller window, or minimized to an icon on the taskbar.

1With a Desktop application such as Word or WordPad open and maximized, click the Restore Down button (the icon showing two overlapping windows) in the top-right corner of the program window.

The window reduces in size.

2To enlarge a window that has been restored down, to again fill the screen, click the Maximize button.

This button is in the same location as the Restore Down button; this button changes its name to one or the other, depending on whether you have the screen reduced in size or maximized. A ScreenTip identifies the button when you rest your mouse pointer on it.

3Click the Minimize button (it’s to the left of the Restore Down/Maximize button and looks like a dash or underline) to minimize the window to an icon on the taskbar.

To open the window again, just click the taskbar icon.

With a window maximized, you can’t move the window. If you reduce a window in size, you can then click and hold the title bar to drag the window around the Desktop, which is one way to view more than one window on your laptop screen at the same time. You can also click and drag the corners of a reduced window to resize it to any size you want.