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For Seniors: Recommend a Website to Others

A phenomenon called social bookmarking allows you to share your likes and dislikes for online sites and content with others. Websites that sport icons from services such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Diigo provide a way for you to report your opinion about articles, videos, and more. As social media expands and grows, recommending sites to others is becoming more of a common occurrence.

Popular services such as Facebook and Twitter also allow you to rate content by posting a comment on their sites. This is a virtual way for you to put your stamp of approval on a site, or let others know of troubles you have had with a brand or service. Your friends may be grateful to have yout input.


When you click any of these icons, you’re taken to a web page where you can sign in to an account or open a new account. You can then type your comment in to whatever form that service provides, such as the one from StumbleUpon. With social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can share a comment and link with your Facebook friends or those following you on Twitter.