For Seniors: Read Your Windows 8.1 Mail - dummies

For Seniors: Read Your Windows 8.1 Mail

If you have e-mail, you will probably spend a good deal of time reading what is in your inbox. This is how you access the e-mail accounts you have linked to your Windows 8.1 laptop.

1Click the Mail tile on the Start screen.

You will see your account listed.

2Click the account you want to read mail from.

The contents of the inbox are displayed.

3Click a message, and its contents appear on the right side of the screen.

Use the scroll bar on the right to move through the message contents.

4If the message has an attachment, you'll see a paper clip symbol next to it in the inbox. Click to display the message and then click the attachment thumbnail. Choose one of the following from the menu that appears:

Open: The file opens in the app that Windows 8.1 associates it with.

Open With: Use this option when you want to choose which program in which the attachment opens.

Save: Windows 8.1 opens the associated library (such as Pictures for an image), where you can enter a name and click Save to save the file in that library.

If your mail doesn’t come through, it’s probably because your e-mail provider’s servers are experiencing technical problems. Just wait a little while. If you still can’t get mail, make sure your connection to the Internet is active. Mail may show your Inbox, but if you’ve lost your connection, it can’t receive new messages.

Note that if an e-mail has a little exclamation point next to it in your Inbox, somebody has flagged it as urgent. It’s usually best to check out those e-mails first.