For Seniors: Print a Web Page in Internet Explorer - dummies

For Seniors: Print a Web Page in Internet Explorer

Being able to print web pages is a handy feature that you can use on your laptop. Make sure you have already connected a printer to your laptop before attempting the following steps.

  1. If a web page includes a link or button to print or display a print version of a page, click that and follow the instructions.

  2. If the page doesn’t include a link for printing, click the Print button on the Desktop IE toolbar or press Ctrl+P on your keyboard.

  3. In the resulting Print dialog box, decide how much of the document you want to print (All, Selected content, or a range of pages) in the Page Range area.


Note that choosing Current Page or entering page numbers in the Pages text box of the Print dialog box doesn’t mean much when printing a web page — the whole document might print because web pages aren’t divided into pages as word-processing program documents are.

  1. Click the up arrow in the Number of Copies text box to print multiple copies. If you want to collate multiple copies, select the Collate check box.

  2. After you adjust all settings as needed, click Print.