For Seniors: Play Checkers on a Windows Computer - dummies

For Seniors: Play Checkers on a Windows Computer

By Nancy C. Muir

Windows Checkers is easy to play, and a great stress reliever. The Windows version of checkers is an online game where you match your checker-playing skill with another player.

If you’re nervous about your grandchildren playing games on your computer, you can set up Parental Controls from the Games window. You can control which games are played, and for how long. For example, you might block Internet games, and set a limit of an hour for other games.

1Choose Start→Games, then double-click Internet Checkers.

The Internet Checkers window appears, and the pieces are placed in their opening positions. The game indicates which color you are to play (red or white).

If you’ve never played the game before, a warning dialog box appears, telling you that you’re about to be connected to anonymous player through the Internet. Click Play to continue.

2When it’s your turn, click on a checker and drag it where you want to go.

Normally, you move diagonally, one space to the right or left, forward of your current position. If an opponent’s piece occupies one of these diagonal spaces, you can jump over it, capturing the piece (removing it from the board).

You can jump over multiple pieces if they are positioned diagonally from where you land; just move your piece once and release the mouse, then move it again and release the mouse.

Your goal is to get your checkers to the farthest row on the opposite side of the board, at which point the checker is kinged (it can move diagonally, forward or back).

3If you wish to chat during the game, click the arrow on the Select a Message to Send and choose a phrase.

Continue to select phrases to continue to chat. Your back-and-forth chat is displayed in the bottom window of the game.

Chat in online games like this one is pretty safe because you can only use predefined phrases such as “Good luck” and “It’s your turn.” That way, there’s no way an opponent can harass or embarrass you. However, if the chat feature isn’t your cup of tea, just click the button in the bottom-right corner of the Checkers window to turn chat off.

4To end the game, play till somebody wins — or click the Resign button.

If you have to leave before the game is over, it’s polite to send a message such as “Sorry, I have to go now” through chat.