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For Seniors: Log Onto Your Laptop with Windows 8.1

When you turn on your laptop, it takes a few moments to load the files it needs to run Windows 8.1. If this is the first time you’ve started up a brand-new Windows 8.1 computer, you might be asked to make certain simple choices to set it up. If the computer has been used before, you won’t see the setup screens; instead, you’ll be taken to a user sign-in screen.

At that point, if a password has been set for your account, you’ll have to type it in; if not, you’ll just click a user icon to sign on and go to the Windows Start screen. Here are the steps to turn on your laptop and log on to Windows:

  1. With your laptop set up, next time you want to use it start by pressing the power button on your computer to begin the Windows 8.1 start-up sequence.

  2. In the resulting Windows 8.1 Welcome screen, click the screen to reveal the sign-in screen.

    Enter your password or PIN, if you’ve set one. (If you haven’t set up the password-protection feature for more than one user, you’re taken directly to the Windows 8.1 Start screen when you turn on your computer unless you’ve set your computer up to login directly to the Desktop.

    The Start screen and Desktop are two alternate views of your computer’s contents. If you have more than one user, you have to choose the one you want to login as. Windows 8.1 verifies your password and displays the Windows 8.1 Start screen.


After you set up more than one user, before you get to the password screen, you have to click the icon for the user you wish to log on as.