How to Log Onto Your Laptop with Windows 7 - dummies

How to Log Onto Your Laptop with Windows 7

By Nancy C. Muir

Logging onto Windows is a process that typically involves turning on the laptop and typing in your password. Logging onto Windows the very first time is slightly different, but no more difficult.

If this is a new laptop, you must fully charge the battery before turning it on.

1Start by pressing the power button on your laptop.

The Windows 7 startup sequence begins. The power button might be somewhere toward the back of the keyboard or even on the monitor. Your users’ manual will help you locate the power button on your particular laptop model if you have trouble finding it.

2In the resulting Windows 7 Welcome screen, use your keyboard to enter your password in the text box provided, if you’ve set one.

If there is more than one user account setup on this PC, you might have to click your user icon and then enter the password. You can create different user accounts and log on to one account at a time. User accounts save documents and settings for that user so whoever uses the computer has a personal Windows environment to go back to.

If you haven’t set up the password-protection feature or accounts for more than one user, you’re taken directly to the Windows 7 desktop.

3Press Enter or click the blue arrow button.

The Windows desktop appears. The icons on your desktop may vary, depending on what programs your computer’s manufacturer may have installed.