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For Seniors: Lock Up Your Laptop and Prevent Theft

When you travel with your laptop, consider a lock to help deter theft. You may have to leave it alone for a few moments now and then — perhaps in a cubicle in a branch office or a table at an Internet café while you step away to grab your latte.

When that happens, a lock that you clip to your laptop (usually on the back or side, identified by a lock icon) and wrap around a table or desk leg might make you feel more secure. These are similar to the lock you use to keep your bicycle safe as you wander into a store or gym.

Don’t count on a laptop lock to keep your laptop safe during a lengthy absence. They are relatively easy to circumvent. But for a short period of time in a non-high-risk area, they can be useful; especially against the person who would hatch a plan to quickly pick up your laptop and wak away when you aren’t looking.

Locks are relatively cheap, from about $5 to $30 or so. They’re also usually pretty easy to tuck into a laptop case without adding much bulk.