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For Seniors: Install and Charge a Laptop Battery

Your laptop comes with a battery that you should insert and charge when you first take the laptop out of the box. The battery is a rectangular affair that slips into the bottom of your laptop.

Note that tablet models are typically sealed so that your battery is not accessible; if yours is one of those, you don’t have to insert a battery; just plug the tablet in to charge the battery.

It’s a good idea to charge your battery completely when you first plug it in, which could take several hours. Follow these instructions to do that:

1Locate the plug in your laptop packaging.

It’s usually a two-piece cable; one half of the cable has a large, boxy transformer on one end that plugs in to the other half.

2Plug one end of the cable into a wall outlet and the other into the round power connection port on your laptop.

Your user’s manual should indicate where this connection is located (usually on the back or near the back of the right or left side of the laptop).

3When you turn your laptop on, you’ll find a small icon on the Windows Desktop screen in the taskbar (usually called the Battery Meter icon) that looks like a standard battery with a plug next to it.

Click this Battery Meter icon to see whether the battery is charged to 100 percent of its capacity.

This icon changes to just a battery (no plug) when the computer isn’t plugged in; this battery icon indicates visually how much charge your battery has left before it drains.