For Seniors: Display Tabs in Internet Explorer 11 - dummies

For Seniors: Display Tabs in Internet Explorer 11

Windows 8 and 8.1 come already prepared with the latest and greatest, Internet Explorer 11. On your laptop, you can easily display tabs from the Start screen. Just follow these simple steps:

1With Start screen IE open, right-click to display the tabs.

You should see the tabs.

2Click the New Tab button on the far right.

The New Tab button is shaped like a big plus sign.

3In the field that opens, enter the URL of the site you want to open on a new tab and press Enter, or click a site from the Pinned, Frequent, or Favorite items displayed above the field.

The site is opened in a new tab. To move among tabs, right-click and then click on the tab you want to view.

InPrivate browsing is a feature that prevents IE from saving data about your browsing habits. To turn on the InPrivate browsing feature, right-click and then click the Tab Tools button on the right, which sports three dots. Select New InPrivate Tab from the menu that appears. To turn off In Private browsing, display the tabs and click the close button on the InPrivate tab to close it and the feature.