How to Create E-mail Folders in Windows Live Hotmail

By Nancy C. Muir

E-mail message folders are a way to organize your incoming Windows Live Hotmail messages so that you can find them easily. E-mail folders work like the folders on your computer; after you create one, you can move messages into the folder in order to place similar messages together.

1In the left pane of the Hotmail window, click the More Actions For Folders icon, and choose Manage Folders in the drop-down menu that appears.

When you move the mouse pointer over Folders in the left pane, the More Actions For Folders icon appears. It looks like a small sun. When you click the icon, a menu appears. Choose Manage Folders, and a list of your current e-mail folders appears.

2Click New.

The New Folder form appears.

3Enter a folder name and click Save.

The new folder is created and added to the folder list in the left pane. Click a folder to reveal its contents. To return to the main Hotmail folder, click Inbox.

If you want to remove or rename a folder, you can use the Rename and Delete buttons in the Manage Folders window to do so.

4To move a message from folder to folder, select the check box to the left of the message and then click Move To→folder name.

You can move multiple messages at once by selecting their checkboxes first, then choosing Move To→folder name.

You can also drag selected messages into another folder by dropping them in the Folders list.

5To delete a message in a folder, click its check box to select it, and click Delete.

The message is deleted.

If you want to mark a message as junk mail so that Windows Live Mail puts any message from that sender in the Junk folder from now on, click the check box in front of the message and then click Junk.