For Seniors: Create a Social Network Profile - dummies

For Seniors: Create a Social Network Profile

When signing up for a social network service, understand what is required information and what is optional. You should clearly understand why a web service needs any of your personally identifiable information and how they may use that information — before providing it. Consider carefully the questions that sites ask users to answer in creating or modifying a profile.

Accepting a social networking service’s default settings may expose more information than you intend.

Follow these steps to create a profile in Facebook (there are similar steps for adding to your profile in other popular social networking sites):

  1. After creating an account (see the previous task), log in to Facebook by going to Enter your screen name or e-mail address and password and click the Log In button.

  2. Click the Edit Profile link below your name in the upper left corner. If you’ve entered Profile information before, this button may be called Update Info.

  3. Click the Edit button in a section such as Living or Contact info, make changes to that section of your profile, and then click Done Editing.


  4. Continue to enter information, being sure to click the Done Editing button to save any changes in each section as you go.

  5. Click Save to save all changes.