How To Create a Microsoft Works Document - dummies

By Nancy C. Muir

Microsoft Works includes a word processor for creating reports, letters, and such. The word processor in MS Works is simple to use; just create a new document and type some text.

1Choose Start→All Programs→Microsoft Works and then select Microsoft Works Word Processor.

The program opens, and a blank document is displayed.

2Begin typing your text.

Word Processor (like all word processing programs) wraps the text, which means it moves automatically to the next line within a paragraph as you type. Press Enter twice on your keyboard only when you want to start a new paragraph.

3Edit text as desired.

Click anywhere within the text you’ve already typed and type additional text to insert it. To remove text, click, then press Backspace to delete text to the left of the cursor, or press Delete to delete text to the right. You can also click and drag over text to select it and press Delete to delete the selected text.

You can also cut (move) or copy selected text by clicking the Copy or Cut buttons. Click elsewhere to place the cursor, then click the Paste button to paste (copy or move) the text to that location.

4To save the document, choose File→Save.

The resulting Save As dialog box appears.

5Type a name for the document in the File Name text box

The name should reflect the document’s contents or purpose so you can identify it later on.

6Open the Save In field and select the folder you want to save the document in, then click Save.

The document is saved. You can keep working on the document if you like; just click the Save button on the toolbar or choose File→Save to save any more changes you make.

If you want to save the document in another format (for example, you can save a Works document as plain text so that any word processor can open it), click the arrow on the Save as Type field in the Save As dialog box and choose a different format before you click the Save button.