For Seniors: Change Your User Account Type - dummies

For Seniors: Change Your User Account Type

Only users with administrator status can create and make changes to user accounts. So, before beginning this process, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have administrator status and can provide an administrator password if you are prompted to do so.

1From the Desktop, press Win+I and then click Control Panel.

You set the type of account (administrator or standard user; administrators have access to all areas on your computer) for the logged-in user in the Desktop Control Panel.

2Click User Accounts and Family Safety.

This gives you options for what type of settings you would like to add to a user account.

3Click User Accounts.

A window will appear.

4Click Change Your Account Type.

If prompted, you may have to enter an administrator password to go further.

5Select the type of account you want to create in the screen:

Standard: A standard user can access his own account, but can’t make the changes to user account settings that an administrator can.

Administrator: An administrator can do things such as creating and changing accounts and installing programs.

6Click the Change Account Type button and then close the Control Panel.

Congratulations! Your account type is now changed.