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For Seniors: Change Your Laptop’s Desktop Background

Windows 8.1 offers several preset background patterns and color sets you can choose from the PC Settings. This is just one of the many ways Windows allows you to customize to your needs to make your laptop easier to use and easier to look at. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Win+I and then click Personalize.

    A window will open with personalization options.

  2. Click on a background.


    Choose from the many background options. You can tweak these backgrounds a little further to suit your needs, if necessary.

  3. Click to modify the background color or accent color. Click a background.

  4. Click anywhere on the Start screen to close the Personalize panel.

    You should see the customized changes you’ve made to your desktop and the panel will close.

Staring at a screen, especially smaller laptop screens, can be really hard on the eyes. And some people spend all days staring at their computer screen. Consider that some colors are easier on the eyes than others. For example, green is more restful to look at than purple. Choose a color scheme that’s pleasant to look at and easy on the eyes!