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For Seniors: Change Account Settings in Windows Mail

Each account that you set up in Mail has its own settings. Therefore, you can configure your work e-mail to have different settings than your personal e-mail. To change setting, follows these easy steps.

  1. Click the Mail tile on the Start screen.

  2. From within Mail, press Win+I, and then click Accounts in the Settings panel.


  3. Click the account for which you want to change settings. In the panel, you can make the following changes:


    • Download New E-mail. You can click this field and, from the drop-down list that appears, choose to download content when a message arrives or every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. If you prefer, you can choose to download items manually by clicking the Manual option here.

    • Download E-mail From. This is a handy setting if you’re away from Mail for a while and have been checking messages in your browser. If so, you may not want to download a month’s worth of messages you’ve already read, so choose another setting from this drop-down list, such as The Last 3 Days.

    • Content to Sync. Syncing involves having certain actions and content delivery or deletions coordinated among different accounts. You can choose to download various items, depending on your e-mail provider, such as e-mail, contacts, or calendar appointments using this command.

    • Automatically Download External Images. Turn this setting off if you’re concerned about the content of images and prefer that you manually download them rather than having them automatically downloaded.

    • Use an E-mail Signature. To automatically add a signature such as your name and phone number to every e-mail you send, click this field so it reads Yes and then use the text box below the setting to enter the signature you want to use.

    • Show E-mail Notifications for This Account. If you want Windows 8.1 to notify you when e-mail arrives, turn this on. To activate this, you must also check Mail in the list of apps from which you can get notifications in the Search & Apps→Notifications area of PC Settings.


    • Remove Account. If you decide you don’t want Mail to access an account anymore, click the Remove Account button. For the account you use to log in to Windows 8.1, you’ll have to do this procedure though the PC Settings window (press Win+I and then click Change PC Settings).