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For Seniors: Arrange Windows on a Windows Laptop Quickly

By Nancy C. Muir

Using the Shake, Snap, and Peek features in Windows 7, you can quickly arrange windows on your laptop. You can minimize all windows, align them side-by-side, maximize a window, or take a quick peek at the desktop or the contents of open windows using Shake, Snap, and Peek.

Use Shake to minimize all windows but one

The Shake feature lets you clear away open windows on your desktop by minimizing every open window except the one that you want to work with.

  1. Click the title bar of window you want to stay maximized, then drag the window back and forth rapidly (shake it).


    All other open windows minimize to the taskbar (see Figure 6-17).

  2. To restore the windows again, shake the title bar of the active window.

    Windows are restored to their original positions.

Use Snap to align windows

Snap is useful for displaying and aligning more than one window on your screen at a time or quickly resizing windows. Snap is very handy for working on two documents at once, copying text or files from one to the other by clicking or selecting and dragging from one open window to another.

Use the Snap feature to expand a document window to fill the height of the screen and make scrolling through longer documents easier.

  1. Click the title bar of an open window you want to align.

    The window becomes active.

  2. Drag the window to the left or right side of the desktop and release it.

    The window aligns to that side of the desktop.

  3. Drag the window to the top of the screen.


    The window stretches to fit the full height of the desktop.

Use Peek to quickly view the desktop

Peek is a feature that uses the Show Desktop button on the Windows taskbar to quickly display the desktop, and then go back to an open program or window. The ability to quickly peek at the desktop is useful for actions such as checking a weather gadget while working in a program or opening another program using a desktop shortcut.

  1. With windows open, click the Show Desktop button.


    All windows are hidden.

  2. To go back to the window, click the Show Desktop button again.

    Windows are restored.

Peek also displays thumbnails of open windows when you hold your mouse over an icon on the taskbar. This allows you to preview a window’s contents and even switch to that window if needed.