How to Add the Slide Show Gadget to the Windows Desktop

By Nancy C. Muir

With the Slide Show gadget on your Windows desktop, you can display a continuous show of the pictures. The Slide Show gadget allows you to select the folder of pictures to use, the number of seconds to display each slide, and the transition effect to use between slides.

A gadget, by the way, is a small applet that fills a specific function, such as displaying a series of photos. You can arrange multiple gadgets on the desktop by repeating these steps.

Continuously playing features like the slide show may put a drain on your laptop’s battery. If you’re running on battery power, you might hide the Gadget gallery to save juice.

1Right-click the desktop and choose Gadgets.

The Gadget Gallery appears.

2Click the Slide Show gadget and drag it to the desktop.

The Slide Show gadget appears on the desktop where you dropped it, displaying the photos in the Sample Photos folder.

3To display photos in a different folder, place your mouse over the Slide Show gadget and click the Options button.

When you move your mouse over the gadget, a panel flies out; click the Options button on this panel. (It sports a little wrench symbol.) The Slide Show dialog box appears.

4Open the Folder list and select a different pictures folder to use.

Select the Include Subfolders checkbox to include pictures in the subfolders as well. You can also modify the number of seconds to display each slide or specify a transition effect to use between slides.

5Click OK.

The slide show settings are saved. The show begins playing pictures in the designated folder(s).

6Move your mouse over the Slide Show gadget and use the tools along the bottom to control the playback.

Click Pause to stop the slide show at the current slide, or click Previous or Next to move to the previous or next slide. .Click the View button to display the current slide in Windows Photo Viewer.

To remove a gadget from your desktop, just place your pointer over it and then click the Close button (marked with an X) that appears next to it. The gadget closes. Follow the steps above to display it on the desktop again at any time.